vrijdag 18 april 2014
Disturbance + Brothers in Blood (Bul) + Get Some - Lichtschip V11

Disturbance   premium punkrock from Rotterdam

Brothers in Blood  hardcore from Bulgaria

Get Some hardcore (ex I-Reject)

Aanvang 22:00 uur  Entree €5

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vrijdag 18 april 2014
Katie Kruel + Lifeless Past - Vibes, Rotterdam

Katie Kruel death rock, wave

Lifeless Past  synth wave uit Den Haag

Aanvang 21:00 sharp  Entree €4

donderdag 24 april 2014
Fuckin Power Lady Fest - Roodkapje, Rotterdam

White Mystery  red hot Garage from Chicago

Krekekekekexkoaxkoax (FR)



Teilingerstraat 128
3032AW Rotterdam



vrijdag 25 april 2014
Paint Fumes (USA) + Los Vigilantes (Puerto Rico) - Lichtschip V11

Paint Fumes 

Modern rock ‘n’ roll doesn’t get much trashier, dirtier or more frantic than Charlotte, N.C.’s Paint Fumes. These guys seem to live the results of huffing their name, spewing reckless rowdiness with a dizzying fury from every song. Uck Life is the garage-rock-rooted band’s debut LP, and it’s a balls-to-the-wall explosion of energetic grit and grime. Frontman Elijah von Cramon’s shouts and howls are too fiery to decipher, and paired with the frenetic riffs and drummer Josh Johnson’s relentless fast-paced pounding the sound threatens to blast out your eardrums even at low volume.

Los Vigilantes

Tumbled into LOS VIGILANTES snarling organ-laced swing is a touch of rockabilly, a whisper of surf, and some sweet, sweet doo-wop meant for slicking back your hair and cruising around lookin’ for action. The Vigilantes blend 50s rockabilly tones with punk and affection (and switchblades) MTV Iggy described them as “vital garage punk en Español. But you do not know what you are dealing with until you’ve seen the San Juan quartet live. I’m talking about Carbonas/Oblivians levels of sonic annihilation. After you’ve seen them play, you will ask yourself what happened and if it was real.

Entree €10 Aanvang 22:00 uur  Allnighter tot 4 uur

vrijdag 2 mei 2014
Act 1 + Sonicrocket - Vibes, Rotterdam

Act 1 poppy rock maar je gaat uit je sokken en  zo jong; het zou verboden moeten worden...

Sonicrocket funkrock van alweer wat meer belegen gasten...

Aanvang 21:00 uur scherp!!  Entree 4 euro

vrijdag 16 mei 2014
Subrockers + Local Spastics - Vibes, Rotterdam

Subrockers  streetpunk

Local Spastics

Aanvang 21:00 uur sharp!   Entree €4

zaterdag 17 mei 2014
Stand Up '69 + Misery Kids - Lichtschip V11

Afterparty voor het Grof festival

Stand Up '69 Noisy Indie Space Rock uit Rotterdam

Misery Kids psychedelic rock uit Rotterdam


vrijdag 23 mei 2014
Dieselburner + Duskhead - Lichtschip V11

Dieselburner earth-stomping and fire-breathing rock

Duskhead  genuine rock music

Aanvang 22:00 uur €5

vrijdag 6 juni 2014
Bazooka (Gr)+ de Spaties - Vibes, Rotterdam

Bazooka  great garage trash outfit  from Greece!

De Spaties Nederlandstalige Garage uit Utrecht

Aanvang 21:00 uur Entree €8

donderdag 19 juni 2014
Chrome - Vibes, Rotterdam


Seminal avant-punk psychedelic outfit Chrome are considered to be the "Godfathers of what became the Industrial Rock movement" (Wikipedia) due to their groundbreaking experimentation in sound and raw energy. They "started a revolution in music" (Rockerilla Magazine, Italy 2011). Chrome is known for their de/re-construction of rock and roll, innovation, weirdness, found sound samples, hooks, pile driver rhythms
and Helios Creed's signature effects laden, Hendrixian, lysergic, layered guitar work and vocals. Their blend of raw energy and mind-bending audio manipulation influenced a wide range of musical genres, from the avant-rock of Sonic Youth and the Flaming Lips to Industrial rockers like Nine Inch Nails and Ministry. Theirs was "a Cyber-Punk vision of the future that came a decade before the term was coined" as psychedelic connoisseur Julian Cope put it.
The band was founded by vocalist/drummer Damon Edge in 1975 who was highly influenced by proto-punk pioneers such as the Stooges, as well as the sound art experimentation of John Cage. The original line up included Gary Spain on vocals & violin, John Lambdin on vocals, guitar & bass, & Mike Low on guitar, synthesizer & bass.
Guitarist and vocalist Helios Creed joined Chrome in 1976, replacing their original guitarist. On recordings he played bass as well as guitar and composed songs with Edge, coming in to make their commercial and artistic breakthrough Alien Soundtracks Chrome's 2nd album. It became an immediate underground hit and it and their next album Half Machine Lip Moves have remained classics.
Creed and Edge comprised the main creative force behind Half Machine Lip Moves, as the other founding members left. Says Julian Cope, “Nobody ever started an album with as much fire as Chrome did with the opening of Half Machine Lip Moves...[It] remains my favorite beginning to any rock n’ roll record, surpassing even Iggy and the Stooges’ Raw Power." In it Chrome continued with Alien Soundtracks’ Sci-Fi-Punk, collage of searing rock with noise, sound-bites, scrap-metal percussion and unusual manipulations of their instruments and amplifiers, but it was executed heavier with Creed’s guitar feedback and Edge’s powerful drumming to the fore.
Chrome then signed to the UK’s Beggar’s Banquet for their forth and fifth albums Red Exposure and Third from the Sun, the later which included contributions from Fabienne Shine of French punk sensations Shaking Street. They were joined by John and Hilary Stench for live shows. They also released 5 EP’s and singles on various labels from ‘79-82. Then Edge and Creed parted ways and Edge continue solo to release several
more Chrome albums.
The classic Chrome albums sealed Helios Creed's reputation as a legendary guitarist who "exploded the possibilities of what psychedelic, punk, new wave and industrial rock could sound like with his guitar work in Chrome [and] is one of the greatest guitarists of all of rock music” stated Andrew Stecz in 2012 in Helios Creed  established himself as a unique and powerful solo artist, touring extensively and recording prolifically. He continued to be an influence through the Grunge and Noise Rock indie scenes and toured with Nik Turner’s (Hawkwind) band “Space Ritual.’
To see more about the fan inclusive project to release The Lost Chrome Tracks

zaterdag 21 juni 2014
Jimi Ben Band + 2 - Lichtschip V11

Jimi Ben Band  zany garage uit Belgie


Aanvang 22:00 uur    Entree 5 euro

vrijdag 4 juli 2014
The Beekeepers (USA) + We are the Men (USA) - Vibes, Rotterdam

Beekeepers Garage Trash uit Oakland USA

We Are the Men Eglectic Weirdness uit San Francisco





We Are The Men:

vrijdag 11 juli 2014
Panoptikon + 1 - Lichtschip V11

Panoptikon oldskool death/thrash metal met een gezonde dosis groove

Aanvang 22:00 uur  Entree €5

zaterdag 6 september 2014
Jacklust + 1 - Lichtschip V11

Jacklust Sleaze Punk uit Rotterdam.

An extreme punk band from Rotterdam. Fast lyrics, loud guitars and a 'fuck things up' attitude to guarantee a party in any venue.
Mixing thrash with sleaze and booze, that’s what the punks from Jacklust do best. The band Jacklust was formed in Rotterdam, somewhere in September 2011 and consists of guitarist Tizzy Wyre, H.D on the drums, bassplayer Sidious and Yellow on the main vocals.

Aanvang 22:00 uur  Entree €5

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