vrijdag 28 november 2014
Order Of The Emperor + I saw the Deep - Lichtschip V11

Order Of The Emperor - premium stoner rock met ex leden van o.a. Heavy Lord

I saw The Deep Heavy sci-fi rock uit Den Haag

Aanvang 22:30 uur  Entree €8

vrijdag 5 december 2014
Nihilator (DE) + One Eyed Wizard - Vibes, Rotterdam

Nihilator (Germany) GG allin meets Darkthrone

One Eyed Wizard (local Rotterdam-noord rock band with ex trio broertje dood members)

Deur 20:30 uur    Aanvang 21:00 uur Sharp!
Entree €4,00


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vrijdag 19 december 2014
Eddie Next Door + The Four - Vibes, Rotterdam

Eddie Next Door  vierkoppige rockband uit Rotterdam met invloeden uit de blues en desert rock

The Four : a promising four piece rockband that makes rough Garage Rock with catchy guitarriffs, ice rocker vocals and a pumping beat based in Rotterdam

AAnvang 21:00 uur sharp!!   Entree €4

zaterdag 27 december 2014
Shagging Ponies - Lichtschip V11

Shagging Ponies Glamrock


AAnvang 22:00 uur  Entree TBA  More bands TBA

DJ Leen Steen


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Recognizable sing-a-long songs, brought to you with a crooked smile by spandex-wearing rockers, straight from the 1980’s.
Are you fed up with pretty-boy-emo-rockers who take themselves so seriously it embarrasses you? Are you as sick and tired as we are, of listening to music made by musicians who’ll do anything to conquer the world with their home-made crappy music? We’ve heard it all before! Do you want to see a band skip about on stage, while your productive organs flap every which way? Do you want to see an awesome rock-band who don’t give a shit about what your mom thinks about them?

Come and visit Shagging Ponies. Five sexually disturbed assholes who’ve never taken themselves seriously, but put all of their energy in having fun.

Once you’ve seen their interactive rock ‘n roll-extravaganza, your life will never be the same. Let Shagging Ponies destroy your weekend and make you forget all about your shitty week at work. Please leave your grandfather at home and bring your sisters, daughters, wives and mothers...

vrijdag 16 januari 2015
Duncan Reid & the Big Heads (UK) + 1 - Vibes, Rotterdam

Duncan Reid & The Big Heads

Duncan Reid is de ex bassist en zanger van de legendarische 70's punkband THE BOYS!!

Je mag dus de nodige hit van The Boys verwachten bij dit optreden.

Aanvang 20:30

Entree €10

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Duncan headed to London in his teenage years to land smack bang at the birth of the 70s punk explosion. Duncan's future fellow band member, Matt Dangerfield, had a basic 4 track studio in the coal cellar of his Maida Vale appartment. It was at this flat that members of The Sex Pistols, Clash, Damned, Generation X and others took their first recording steps along the path which would change Rock n Roll forever. One of the bands which coalesced out of this youthful melee was The Boys, the band which recruited Duncan Reid as bass player and singer.

The Boys became known as "the Beatles of Punk", a title given to them due to their, at that time, unique fusion of harmonies and pop sensibility with raw punk. By the time The Boys had recorded their 4 albums and toured extensively throughout Europe and the US, their influence had spread far and wide to groups like Green Day and Die Toten Hosen, as well as being quoted by the likes of Joey Ramone as his favourite group.

The Boys also recorded periodically as The Yobs creating a whole genre of comedy punk with their versions of The Worm Song and Christmas Carols, a genre much copied since. 18 years after they first split The Boys were persuaded to reform for 2 gigs in Tokyo. Pressure for new gigs had come from a new generation discovering their music for the first time. For years The Boys played worldwide, headlining in front of audiences in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Norway, Sweden, Japan, United States, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and elsewhere. After a further recording with other Boys members under the name "The Mattless Boys", and writing songs for other bands such as The Cute Lepers, Duncan finally recorded his first solo album, bringing a unique angle to the pop punk genre, and taking it into new realms of melodic sweetness. "Little Big Head" is here!

vrijdag 23 januari 2015
Red Rocket + 1 (TBA) - Lichtschip V11


Red Rocket   Rotterdam Stoner Groove Rock!


Aanvang 22:30          Entree Gratis

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